Your Special Day

HCP offers 4 different package options. The Ashley, The Kim, The Marvel & The Khloe. If you're wondering where these package names come from, let me explain... 

I offer 4 different package options and I wanted to do something a little different than names like, "platinum, gold, silver, etc" because I feel like these options label from best to just average. I named each package after a special woman in my life. These women are in no special order but the packages do offer different options. They are all unique and they are all important! The ASHLEY is named after my mother. She is my best friend and 99% of my free time is spent with her. The KIM is named after my grandma. My mom, grandma and I spend a lot of time together, including talking multiple times a day. My husband often jokes about how much we talk and how weird it is! The MARVEL is named after my great- grandma. She passed away when I was a very little girl. I don't remember much about her or spending time with her but I know that if she helped mold my grandma and mom in to the women they are, she played an important part of helping me become who I am. My hope for having her apart of my packages is for us to continue to mold our family the way she helped mold my mom and grandma. And the KHLOE, this is my daughter. SHE is my biggest hero. She is 7 years young and has went through a lot in her short years here. In 2017 Khloe had surgery on her skull to remove a lesion and while I watched her go through a tough time, I watched her faith grow and encourage me to be a better mother, Christian and wife. All of these women/package options play such a special role in my life and I want each bride to know that when looking through them, they're all important and they all mean something to me, there is not one that is "more important" than the other, they're just different and unique in their own ways!